Police Strip Woman, Pepper Spray her and Leave her in Cell



Date: 2014-03-31

A lawsuit was filed in June 2014 in which Tabitha Gentry, who was arrested on March 20, 2014, on multiple misdemeanor charges, claims she was forcibly stripped of her clothes, Tased and pepper-sprayed while being held in a padded cell for nearly five hours.

Six other plaintiffs have joined the suit, all claiming punishment by jail officers that violates their constitutional rights. In an amended complaint, the plaintiffs’ attorney, Laura Landenwich, claims, “Such treatment has been regularly perpetrated by Defendants and there are potentially hundreds of members of this class.”

The defendants named in the lawsuit are former Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills, Floyd County Commissioners President Mark Seabrook and three officers with the sheriff’s department.Officers then forced Gentry to the floor and began to “forcibly” remove her clothing, including her underwear and bra, in front of male officers. An officer then Tased Gentry in the back.

Chemical spray is code for  pepper spray, intentionally sprayed to cause maximum pain.


“Gentry’s naked body was exposed to the chemical spray in the closed cell for approximately 40 minutes,” according to the complaint. Officers then took Gentry to a wash station at which time her breasts and genitals were exposed to male inmates and officers.

The other plaintiffs include Vincent Minton, Nabb; Michael Herron, Henryville; and Adam Walker, Georgetown. Each plaintiff claims he or she had their clothes forcibly removed.

Most notably embarrassing and feeble defense by the police of this sadistic torture chamber, which reminiscent of Nazi Germany:  

The policy states that clothing is removed to “prevent the inmate from further harming themselves, other inmates, and or staff.” When removing clothing, same-gender officers should be used “unless the threat of physical resistance is too great of a risk.”


Although, one has to wonder how the inmate can harm herself further with her underwear or bra. That to me is a mystery.  

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