Crystal Meth and the Soul of Saudis

Political whistleblower, more popularly known through his twitter handle @mujtahid tweeted out a shocking revelation about Saudi Arabia’s decision to halt military aid programs to the Lebanese army.   Originally, Saudi Arabia was to give the Lebanese army $3 billion in military aid to help buy weapons from the French.(Yes, this sounds like a military industrial complex profiteering scam, but that is for another post).  The Saudi Press Agency‘s excuse was that the Lebanese army had become a Hezbollah stronghold.


However, on his twitter account, the Whistleblower exposed the true motive:  Captagon.  This is a potent stimulant used by ISIS fighters.   The Kingdom is trying to press all the Lebanese factions to release the Saudi prince in return for the aids.  The Saudi Prince Abol Mohsen ben Walid ben Abdol Mohsen ben Abdol Aziz was arrested by the Lebanese security forces at Neirut International airport for attempting to smuggle two tons of Captagon pills into KSA

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