A Defection of Super Delegates in the Future?

Jim Dabakis, Utah state senator, who is not a super delegate changes his allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders. Mr. Dabakis is the only openly gay member of the Utah senate. He recently oversaw a one-man filibuster against an anti-gay bill in Utah. His filibuster succesfully ended up killing the bigoted bill. Now, he decides to do the right thing again.


In 2008, Clinton had super-delegates at a 3-1 margin from Obama. They slowly defected, until it was proportional to her pledged delegate count.
And so it begins….  maybe?

Mr Dabakis, the first Defection
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  • torrentprime

    Jim Dabakis… who is not a super delegate… This is first of many super delegates to defect
    He isn’t a super-delegate.

    • ища Кришнасвамы

      Thanks! Let me fix that. I appreciate you keeping me honest 🙂

      • torrentprime

        Ain’t your fault – US Uncut, etc have been lying about this since it happened.