Hillary Clinton Bizarre Dig at Bernie Sanders for having Adopted Grandchildren?


And I guess at the end of the day, for me—you know, people talk about their extraordinary grandchildren, but I actually have one—and we’re going to do everything we can to give her opportunities…


According to Paste Magazine: 

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s biggest challenger in the Democratic presidential primary, has one son. His name is Levi, and he has three adopted grandchildren from China. When Sanders married his second wife, Jane, she had three children of their own, and those children now have four children of their own. Sanders considers all seven his grandchildren, as anyone would, even though he’s not related to them by blood.

Clinton, conversely, has one daughter, Chelsea, and Chelsea has a baby daughter named Charlotte


I hope she just misspoke, otherwise it would be bizarre.

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  • adawitchy2u aka deb em

    WTH Hillary is slamming adopted parent and you guys on MSNBC say nothing! “Talk about their extraordinary grandchildren but I actually have one.” Excuse me you didn’t ask her why she would imply adopted children are any different or less important ? I mean really how do so called “news people” let her get away w/this. Nothing she says in “misspoken” she is very calculated in her comments.

  • Cydney

    I’m sick of the Hill making commits that are a slap in the face to average people. I know a couple that adopted a boy from India, a boy from the US, and a daughter from Korea. Unlike bills daughter and granddaughter, these 3 cbdren were chosen, loved, nurtured, and productive adults. They were treated no different than the other grandchildren. People need to realize the Hill does not misspeak ever, she says exactly what she she’s thinking. No one misspeaks that much.

  • grimmwerks

    You should fix the title — it makes no sense — bizarrely what?

    • ища Кришнасвамы

      Thanks. I fixed it.

      • Dr_Syn

        Still makes no sense.

      • Roberto

        Title should read: “Hillary Clinton Bizarre Dig at Bernie Sanders For Having Adopted Grandchildren.” (The “at” is needed.)

        • ища Кришнасвамы

          Let me fix that: )

  • Lon

    This video is demonstrating again the way way she looks down her nose at everyone else. This this time, however, she had to insinuate that even her grandchild is better than Bernie’s “extraordinary” grandchildren because his are adopted and hers isn’t. She also constantly talks about herself constantly as though she is the ONLY person alive that understands or can solve any issue. It gets incredibly annoying constantly hearing the words “I” and “Me” coming out of her mouth. Most of the job interviews that any of us will ever go to will include the question of whether or not we are a “Team Player”. She obviously isn’t. She can pretend to have empathy for other people, when she thinks its what we want to hear, but not for long and it always gets spun back to her. Isn’t this an example of a psychopath? That’s a common trait for a lot of corporate CEO’s, but that’s kind of how George W. Bush thought of himself and we don’t need a repay of him.

  • Tom Hardy’s Proctologist

    “We’re going to do everything we can to give her opportunities…”

    By being multimillionaires and making it easier for Wall Street (where Mommy and Daddy work as hedge fund managers) to make massive amounts of money off the backs of those dirty, dirty poors.

  • Dr_Syn

    Man, you people are seriously reading too much into this.

    • DocBrown

      There’s that, too.