Clintons, Crime Bills, and Correction Corporations of America

The internet is littered with Sandernistas and Clintonista arguing their sides.  Arguments delve into pure idiocy more often than not. Oddly enough, never before have I seen so many iterations of history being relitigated.  Everyone’s conversation is devolved into buzzword usage like: “crime bill” “prison pipeline”, while facts are completely absent from the conversation.

Here is the quick rundown on the Facts vs Myths of the crime bill!


MYTH: There was only one crime bill.

Fact: Congress passed at least two major bills regarding criminal enforcement.  The Violent Crime Prevention Act and Anti-Terrorism and Death Penalty Act of 1996 

MYTH: Black Lawmakers pushed for the crime bill  
Fact: Black lawmakers were initially opposed to the crime bill. In fact, they had successfully killed the bill in two previous efforts. The Clintons used their power of persuasion to lobby for the crime bill and convince these lawmakers to come around.



MYTH: Tough measures needed to get the GOP on board  

Fact: When the crime bill passed, Democrats controlled both houses.   GOPs overwhelmingly voted against the crime bills.



The democrats had a majority in both houses.  Indeed, majority of the GOP opposed the crime bill. It passed 235 to 195.  The graphic below shows the voting of each side.


MYTH: Bernie Sanders Voted for the crime bill.

FACT: The 1994 crime was a second iteration of the first crime bill introduced in 1991.  The difference between 1991 crime bill and 1994 crime bill:  1991 Bill did not have the Violence Against Women act and the 1991 crime bill did not have a federal ban on certain kinds of weapons.  Without these two provisions, Sanders voted AGAINST the 1991 crime bill and the bill failed.  In 1994, to help pass the crime bill, they included the violence against women act and also the federal weapons bill.  Sanders voted for the 1994 provision.

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