Top Ten Legitimate Criticisms of the Obama Administration

Right winged attacks numb the ordinary, progressive mind which normally is open to facts and logic.  But, thanks to Benghazi and Birther movement, the progressive mind shuts down the logical portion of the mind these days when faced any criticism of Obama.

10. Obama increased drone strikes and bombed more people than Bush. 

9. Overthrowing Ghadaffi in Libya which lead to the rise of ISIS there 

8. Large Scale deportation of undocumented migrants 

7.  Not bringing in the Public Option for Obamacare when the democrats had a majority in the Senate 

6.   Extremely Cozy relationship with the Saudis who are literally the most brutal dictatorship in the world. 

5.   Failure to Pardon non-violent drug offenders from Federal Prisons 

4.   Failure to eliminate Gitmo.   There is nothing stopping him from returning most of these detainees to their home country.

3.   Lax prosecution of Wall Street 

2.   Sitting idly, while states continue to let killer cops get away with murder.  DOJ is free to investigate and put in civil rights charges on all these states.

1.  Failure to Prosecute Bush and Cheney for War Crimes 


If you have additional criticisms to add, please post them on the comments sections and I will amend this list.

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