Five Police Officers Beat a Man Unconscious

If the board’s ruling stands, the officers will be quickly put back to work and receive full back pay and benefits dating back to May 14, 2009, said attorney Gayle Gear who represented several of the officers. “It doesn’t take very long,” she said. “In fact, they could make that phone call today to start the transition. They may want some additional training before they make the decision of where to place them.”

“Right now I’m in consultation with the attorney for the city as well as the police chief to see what our options are, and depending on those options we’ll take the appropriate measures,” Bell said.

The city of Birmingham can appeal the decision of the three-member board. Birmingham Mayor William Bell said he will make a decision about whether to appeal by next week.

“God fought my battle,” Kenneth Prevo said after the unanimous vote. “When you know in your heart that what you did is right, you don’t put too much time into worrying about things you can’t control.


Now watch the video for which the police were allowed to go Scott Free:

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