Brothers of a Feather, Brutalize Together

This story begins in 2010. As the young child, Aiyanna Jones, slept on the couch in her own home, Detroit’s finest decided to raid her house. Unfortunately, the city of Detroit had decided that literacy was not a pre-requisite for a police officer. Officer Jeff Weekley, didn’t even bother to enter the address for which he had the warrant on google maps to make sure he had the right address.

With reckless abandon, he barged into the wrong house, and shot Aiyanna Jones in the head, as she slept on the couch. Luckily, the whole charade was caught on tape, and the Detroit city prosecutor was forced to try Officer Jeff Weekley. The prosecutor was not able to secure a conviction, despite recorded video (coming soon: other cases where the prosecution was able to secure a conviction. Compare and Contrast). I will not torture you by putting the video of young Aiyanna’s death. However, you can listen to the grandmother testify about her ordeal.

Six years later, we find out that sadism and police brutality seems to run in the family.  His brother, Police Officer Nate Weekley posted this outrageous facebook post in response to the demonization people requesting that police not kill them.  Be sure to read his entitled attitude here.

He calls BLM pieces of Shit.
He calls BLM pieces of Shit.

It seems like police officer Nate Weekley’s fragile ego felt ‘butthurt’ because people dared to say, “don’t kill us.” So, entitled, Mr. Weekley wanted to call in sick for this unreasonable request. Oddly enough, most people seem to go about their lives without killing any folks.

He also calls them terrorists and “piece of shit.”  Really? For asking that you refrain from killing little girls like Aiyanna Jones?

Luckily, the city of Detroit decided to take this seriously and demoted him after having an inquiry.

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