Debunking Yet Another Think-Piece with Math: Part 1

Note: For this point by point debunking, I make it a point to concede every point that I can’t prove with a first person source.  
Mainly, these thing pieces fall into a familiar pattern.
  1. Hysteria about why everyone dislikes Clinton.
  2. Non-falsifiable praises
  3. Flattening or glossing over her bad decisions.
  4. Dangerous Cries of Faux sexism.
  5. Proving the dangerous cries of Faux sexism with logical fallacy of “tu quoque”
  6. Badly sourced disinformation.
This thinkpiece by Huffington Post is no different.
Phase 1: Hysteria
Why Is Clinton disliked?” “Why the hate for Hillary?” “Why do people hate Hillary Clinton so much?” Is it because of partisanship? Or a hard-fought primary? Maybe, NBC once suggested, it’s because “she’s not a train wreck.” Funny how the answers seem to be everything but the obvious.Larry Womack
Phase 2: Vapid Praises and Strawmanning
Strawman Debunked
Gay Marriage
Iraq War
Death Penalty
OBSERVATION: Her default position is that of a right-winged Republican on these issues, until public opinion forces her to do otherwise



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