I’d like to address this very toxic, white-feminism enabling, privileged-as-fuck, condescending article floating around on the chicken-scratch site of SLATE (who has openly supported the Occupation via pinkwashing before, amid a number of openly problematic stances) calling those voting for Jill Stein “selfish”.

Allow me to clarify from the start that this is NOT an admonishment of those who are voting for Hillary as an act of strategic/survival voting. I disagree with a number of the points but I get why that’s appealing and how you got there.

Aside from agreeing with Jill’s policy across the board (I haven’t seen anything I vehemently disagree with) she’s actually running an ISSUE based campaign- unlike both Trump & Hillary who are running primarily negative campaigns.

Victories don’t always look like a win in the general election. In a 2 party system, which was DESIGNED to be oppressive and non-representative, the ONLY way to make change is to punish them. Those are the cards this system INTENTIONALLY deals. It is the ONLY thing this system is DESIGNED to understand. We have no choice, because the idea that you can change a massive hegemonic institution of political control internally is, and always has been, a myth written by that very institution of power as a means to co-opt resistance and avoid substantive change. That sort of Incrementalism is a form of oppression that evolved from liberal whites telling PoC “Be patient, We’re not ready to change” while people are truly suffering. This SAME concept applies for the Class struggle.

We have been brainwashed to believe we must settle, rather than forcing politicians to meet the people where we are. I see so many people saying “Stop Other Candidate” as if that’s the purpose of an election, completely surrendering their agency as a citizen. That’s NOT’s cultism and oligarchy working through us as the agents of oppression.

The 52-71 demographic are the ones who gutted our economy, indebted the next generation for life, brought endless war, and shackled millions to a future of hopelessness- and NONE OF THAT will change with either of them. It is not my fault 5% of the US population chose a shitty candidate (7% if you only count voter-eligible citizens & 14% if you only count those who actually vote in the general). That is not my fault and will not comply with said failure- and in turn I am willing to sacrifice what little I have left.

Many Millennials have NOTHING to look forward to. I will work til I’m 70+, after some y’all older folks demanding I vote for Hillary are long gone, assuming social services for the elderly even still EXIST at that point. I had to come to a military occupied area to get a job that is somewhat close to what minimum wage should be in the US (ironically Hillary is pro occupation and anti $15/hr). What the fuck does that tell you?

You cannot say that I am selfish. It just doesn’t hold water, because NO ONE who is explicitly “With her” is openly dying to trade positions with me right now. And if Trump were to win you KNOW I would be outside my Muslim friends’ houses ready to die before someone (be it the state or the people) dragged you out of your home or otherwise assailed you, while all the other Hillary-stans will retreat to their nice bougie homes and sit blaming millennials, yet doing NOTHING for change. I LIVE my politics EVERYDAY, even if that’s meant being expelled from my family for not tolerating their white supremacy, severing the middle class wealth I once had access too, or allowing my physical body to be damaged protecting those in danger.

Privilege is for those with power. And if we admit that Stein has no chance of winning, then you are admitting she has little power. Political privilege, by definition, is not possible for those with little political power. And for the incomplete argument that Stein is a vote for Trump: Gary Johnson is taking more votes away from Trump than Jill is Hillary. Stop pretending Johnson is less of a factor than Jill is.

I’ve said it since day 1 of this God forsaken election season and have not wavered: Trump & Hillary are not that different. One just has a slightly shinier polish and a whole lot more resources to make her own racist classist as fuck platform, come true. I will not go back to my fear induced, politically illiterate, white privilege devoid of class & race politics for anyone.

TL;DR: Fuck Hillary. Fuck Trump. Fuck America. Fuck Discursive Political Illiteracy. Fuck Oppression. And just for literary rhythm, Fuck You.


Written By Steven Andrews


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