What Can Two People Tell You About The Green Party’s White Nationalism? Absolutely Nothing

What can two people tell you about the Green Party’s white nationalism (Absolutely Nothing), but that doesn’t stop Blue Nation Review from Spewing out Propaganda

Update: I reached out to the Professor who conducted this survey.  I am putting his comments at the end.

This morning, I woke to my twitter timeline buzzing with the Chief Hacks Sarah Kendzior tweeting out this astonishing statistic about Louisiana Green Party voters


Even on the surface it seems ridiculous. Would Neo-Nazis vote for a party that has a Jew and a Black Liberationist on their ticket?  That was exactly what Stein/Baraka ticket is.  It’s plain ridiculous.

Upon closer inspection of this survey , two major issues popped out:


This survey had a sample size of 603 voters, it is a small survey.   Here is the overall breakdown of candidates by voting preference percentages:

Based on this chart, we ought to figure out how many Stein Voters they polled:

begin{matrix} .02 & * & 603 & = &12 end{matrix}

Now, let’s go back to the first chart that she tweeted out.  Now, of these 12 people, if 17% said they were voting for Duke, then

begin{matrix} .17 & * & 12 & = &2 end{matrix}


We reached out for comments for the Professor Edward Chervenak, who managed survey. This is what he said:

The goal was to test if Trump voters were Duke voters. Duke has been claiming that Trump is rallying voters who would support a Duke candidacy. We found that was not the case and we reported the results.

You’ll note in the table about presidential influence on the senate vote, there was no discussion in our report of Stein voters because there are so few of them. The table shows that only 12 people said they would vote for Stein. It’s obvious that small numbers of people are leading to double digit percentages in the crosstabs. We posted the actual number of people in the table for transparency’s sake. I can’t control what other people do with the data. How they interpret it is up to them. You are correct that they are misrepresenting the results, given the very small numbers of Stein voters. I see your response below challenges the interpretation of Stein voters. That needs to be directed at them, not me, because I understand. I am attaching a copy of the report with corrected senate vote by presidential vote table. I’ve also attached the questionnaire. You’ll note that the questionnaire contains three questions on racial attitudes and one question on Obamacare. Those questions were not included in the report because they are for a research project on presidential approval in Louisiana. We wanted to focus on the horserace in the report. Edward Chervenak


Based on the SURVEY of two  people, where the scientists conclusion was ” NO CORRELATION”,they were able to draw a crazy Assange (Yep, she tweeted out crazy stuff about Assange too), Snowden, Duke, Stein alliance.

Of course, I suspect her critical-thinking-challenged followers would use this as another way to justify an idiotic belief such as: “how the extreme left is very much like the extreme right”


Update:The following has been corrected.


In a previous version, we had the following text. Since, we have been given new information, we have removed this part of the post. I put on a correction page for maximum transparency.

But wait, that’s not the end of it. Another amazing tweeter noticed something else about the chart: https://twitter.com/LTrotsky21/status/792873505603907584 It gets worse.  Now, of these 12 Stein voters, they double counted some of them because the total percentage for Stein voters adds up to 114



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