Child Actor asks Hillary Clinton A Question During the Town Hall

It seems rather odd that in Pennsylvania on October 4, 2016, a girl named Brennan Leach asks Hillary Clinton a question about body image. Especially given the timing of the body image advertisement that Clinton outputted last week.

Brennan asks, “At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age. I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look. As the first female president, how would you undo some of that damage and help girls understand that they are so much more than what they look like?”

However, the girl is a child actor.  It could be totally innocent or one of her super PACs may have planted this question.  Someone in the media should ask:

Read Brennan Leach IMDB profile. I have archived it just in case it disappears.


After the event, Brennan said that her father, a state senator, had helped her form the question that had so excited Mrs. Clinton. (The Clinton campaign said questions had not been vetted.)New York Times


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