Apologies for the bad graphics, but I wanted to get this out quickly. As a background, I made a timeline of the company’s dealings with Assange.shadytl2Now, here is the kicker, people on reddit were talking about it. A friend on twitter asked me to verify, and I 100% verified, the corporate filings and I will put citations immediately.  But here the Clinton camp is behind it.

In wikileaks  research file, T&C company lists an address, but it is a business address for another corporation: Premise

If you search Ca Business records, Premise’s incorporation address is 645 7Th street. The same as the incorporation address for T&C.

Screenshot of CA Business records

One of the board of directors is none other than Larry Summers, who was in the Obama adminsitration. He is also involved in part of the Center for American Progress, where “loyal Soldier” Neera Tanden works.


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  • Adam Oakeley

    The MSM is now “You report, we decide”, no?

    Nice catch.

    • ища Кришнасвамы

      That’s an amazing word play 🙂

  • Absolute best quote I’ve heard to describe today’s MSM, @adamoakeley:disqus . SO true!