Halloween Special: Real Life Horror Stories Rohingya

We don’t need to invent witches and vampires, when there are real life monsters abundant in this world. Here is a story of a very scary experience for the Rohingya of Myanmar.  The Rohingya are a muslim minority that have been smeared as being “foreign” (Historical records say the first Rohingya settlements in Myanmar started in the year 1100 A.D).

The Myanmar propaganda machine claims they are “illegal immigrants from Bangladesh” who need to be rounded up and deported because they are all “rapists” who “rape Buddhist women” (Where have I heard this before?).  The Myanmar authorities also fear monger about “love Jihad“, where a Muslim person falls in love, and marries a non-muslim person (heck, we need more Love Jihad in this world).  Based on this fear of “love Jihad”, they have prohibited mixed marriages in Myanmar.

Further, the Rohingya muslim minority have been forcibly relocated, and killed under the guise of “war on terrorism” (This, too, sounds overly familiar)

Therefore, for Halloween, a wonderful activist on twitter named Jamila Hanan has compiled a log of all the horrors they faced today.  That will be your scary story to remind you that monsters do exist and they take the shape of the most “pious, holy and serene”-looking humans.

Myanmar armies carried out violence throughout Maungnama village tract of Northern Maungdaw plundering the valuable properties of Rohingya residents and physically harassed and violated the women since early morning today, October 31, 2016.

According to correspondent reports, more than one hundreds army members in three groups entered Maungnama village tract by three points of east, north and south at around 6: 00 am today and started mass beating on the villagers indiscriminately.

6 am: The Monster Awakens

At first the women and children did not leave their homes though they were told to get out of the village. Then the armies fired around three rounds of bullets to create panic among the villagers. But seeing the armies coming, most of the male members of the community fled away to escape arbitrary arrest and killing.

However, the military drove all the women including children out of the village and gathered them at a place where they along with their baby children were forced standing in the bright sun lights whole day. Later all the women got out of the houses seeing the young girls were being sexually assaulted by army personnel whomever the army found inside the houses.

After driven them out of homes, some other army personnel started carrying away the valuable properties of Rohingya in ten trucks from the village. All the house hold valuable articles and properties were plundered away by army personnel.

Furthermore, armies have arrested some innocent villagers from the village who could not flee before the military entered the village and tortured them severely.

The arrestees are known as Md Alam s/o Basa Miah, Basir Ahamed s/o Ahamedu, Iman Shorif s/o Lal Miah, Nur Mohamed s/o Nir Ahamed, Sultan s/o Abdul Hakim, Md Jalil s/o Dudu Mia, Md Kasim and Md Siddik s/o Sayed of the village.

Now they are detained in the army camp where they are being tortured brutally. The relatives of the victims are in sorrow about their arrested relatives whose fates are unknown




Satellite images of burnt villages from HRW

Preparations to deceive UN delegation visit:




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