House Pushes for World War 3, despite Clinton’s Loss

One of the more obscene foreign policy aims of Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was to install a no-fly zone in Syria, that would put her directly at odds with Russia, possibly paving the way for World War III.  Despite recognizing the No-fly Zone would kill many people, she repeatedly, time and time again pushed for a no fly-zone in Syria.

Clinton's Goldman Speech

Clinton had been amping up for this conflict since 2010, where she tried to get Syrian Leader Assad to step away from Iran.   However, Bashar Al-Assad declined to distance themselves  from Iran and continued their diplomatic ties.  Later, Obama Administration and John Kerry, tried to seek the removal of Assad on the pretense of chemical weapons.  Unfortunately, their plan for war was foiled by Vladimir Putin who brokered an agreement with the Obama administration and Assad where Assad agreed to get rid of his chemical weapons stockpile.

Despite this truce, Clinton wanted to push for removal of Assad and repeatedly insisted on a NFZ repeatedly during her campaign.  If the US were to have a no-fly zone in Syria, it would lead to a full-scale geopolitical war with the battle lines drawn.

If there was a NFZ, Syrian planes would not be able to fly in their own airspace, without having the U.S. government shooting down any plane.  Which then would force Russian and Syrian planes to shoot down US planes to stop the No-Fly Zone, which will draw the US and most of the world into a long World War 3

Not deterred by the loss of Hillary Clinton, Congress, in a lame-duck dession decided to bring US one step closer to Wrold War 3 with H.R. 5732.

The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2016 includes Section 303, titled: Assessment of potential effectiveness of and requirements for the establishment of safe zones or a no-fly zone in Syria.

As reported by Consortium News:

Late in the day, on Nov. 15, one week after the U.S. elections, the lame-duck Congress convened in special session with normal rules suspended so the House could pass House Resolution 5732, the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act” calling for intensifying the already harsh sanctions on Syria, assessing the imposition of a “no fly zone” inside Syria (to prevent the Syrian government from flying) and escalating efforts to press criminal charges against Syrian officials…

Most strikingly, the resolution calls for evaluating and developing plans for the United States to impose a “no fly zone” inside Syria, a sovereign nation, an act of war that also would violate international law as an act of aggression. It also could put the U.S. military in the position of shooting down Russian aircraft.

The suspension of rules procedure was usually used for trivial bills such as naming roads after random people or commemorating random days.  But unfortunately, the neocons in congress, used it to further world war 3.

While both Russian and U.S. bombings have resulted in civilian deaths, completely missing in the Western narrative on Syria is how U.S. intervention in the interest of regime change was the catalyst for today’s hellish conditions in that country, and the resulting flood of Syrian refugees.

As the Free Thought Project has reported before, the Pentagon nurtured the Salafist sect in eastern Syria — to help the U.S. and its allies achieve regime change – and these extremists went on to become the violent terror group called ISIS.

In order to keep the American public ignorant of reality in Syria, and to maintain the specter of terrorism in order to justify massive military spending, politicians’ propaganda must be so complete they believe it themselves.

This was demonstrated during the 40-minute “debate” session among the six lawmakers who pushed the bill through.

The Friends Committee for National Legislation analyzed House Resolution 5732 and found it would make a peace agreement more difficult, not less.

Any peace agreement that leaves Bashar al-Assad in power would be seen as a failure of U.S. hegemonic foreign policy, which has pushed regime change for years. It would also be seen as a victory for Russia, which is helping Assad fight ISIS and U.S.-funded “moderate rebels” attempting to overthrown Assad.

Despite the grave ramifications of HR 5732, the media is silent. The media outlets now professing to hold the monopoly on real journalism have not said a word about the shocking abuse of “suspended rules” in the House, and the utter propaganda being spewed out by lawmakers, to save their crusade for regime change in Syria — even if it means World War III.  Instead, they have chosen to obsess over “Fake news”.

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