Commander Steven Blakeney, Serial Rapist. A retrospective.

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I know this is pretty “old news” now, but since police officers raping and sexually assaulting women hasn’t exactly been in talked about in mainstream media.  It was nice that Oklahoma actually convicted Daniel Holtzclaw on eighteen counts of raping several women.  The jury recommended two hundred years.  This doesn’t happen very often and it was a win for many.  That’ll do pig.

Daniel Holtzclaw highlights all the rape police get away with. Atrocious things like a police officer raping a minor in an abandoned house while other officers watched.  Michael Pena, who raped a twenty five-year-old teacher You never hear about what happened to the other officers in the incident with the minor in Texas.  Are they still employed?  Why aren’t they in prison?  Are they still licensed to be a police officer?  Sex trafficking victims have accused police of participating in human trafficking.  Sexual assault is a rarely discussed aspect of the lack of accountability when it comes to American policing, especially when it comes to women of color.


Gimmeh dem tears.

So what happens when a cop rapes dozens of women? Commander Steven Blakeney of the Pine Lawn police department has been accused of raping dozens of women over a decade.  A woman even said she was raped by Blakeney in training.  It was well known within the bar industry that Blakeney had drugged and raped many women.  These accusations go back years and somehow he was able to become a police officer. He was even awarded a medal by the Pine Lawn police department.  Blakeney was hired by Pine lawn police in 2010 and rose to the commander.  As a decorated officer, he was involved in a corruption investigation with the FBI against the Pine Lawn city government. eventually, Steven Blakeney was fired for all of the rape accusations, but St. Louis circuit attorney Jennifer M. Joyce declined to prosecute due to lack of evidence and he was still licensed to be a police officer. Even though he was fired for raping women.  Keep in mind, this is the guy who’s been caught using license plates stolen from evidence on his own vehicles and tested positive for cocaine use.


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He never spent a day in jail for raping more than a dozen women or stealing evidence.   Pine Lawn police department has been accused of the same debtor’s prison traffic warrant scam as Ferguson, which isn’t surprising.  The two north St. Louis County suburbs are only a few miles apart and that revenue gathering tactic is common in St. Louis County.  Calverton Park which borders Ferguson is legendary in the St. Louis region for writing speeding tickets.  Calverton Park has also had its share of violent officers including one where a Calverton Park police officer shot his fiance after a fight.  Calverton Park is a village of six hundred people and nineteen police officers.   Pine Lawn police were caught trying to fake a prisoner suicide and a Facebook page calling for the dissolution of the Pine Lawn police department has been active since 2013.  Somehow people still have the lack of intelligence to think that Sandra Bland killed herself.  I tried asking the St. Louis Circuit Attorney why she decided to not indict Steven Blakeney for rape even though she had plenty of evidence and now I’m blocked by Jennifer M. Joyce on twitter.


Womp, womp.

Blakeney was eventually arrested and imprisoned for falsely arresting a mayoral candidate. For a false arrest and faking paperwork.
What about his victims?  Does rape not matter to the FBI?  What fresh hell is this?  Really now.

This is sad, but not surprising. St. Louis police have a long history of ignoring and not investigating rape, and police officers raping women isn’t unheard of.  A pregnant woman was raped by a corrections officer in Ferguson.   This is also a nationwide issue.
According to an unofficial study, sexual assault is the second biggest complaint against law enforcement officers.  The US government doesn’t keep track of statistics regarding police and sexual assault.  This isn’t shocking because US police don’t even keep track of how many people they shoot and kill.  A British newspaper does that.  We should be more outraged at the police and demand accountability and justice for our mothers, daughters, and sisters. Police officers and most rapists generally aren’t held accountable and Rape culture still exists within the Pine Lawn police department, long after Blakeney’s departure.   We can’t continue to let this happen.

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