Ethnic Cleansing and Why Ferguson/St. Louis Still Matter


This is going to be depressing, so here are some kitties.

When I was a younger, I attended some Democratic club meetings because I wanted to become more politically involved.  I was quickly disappointed that the issues that were of great concern to me at the time (Gay marriage, ending the war on drugs, racism etc.) were considered back burner issues.  Sure, there were tons of talk about banks and regulation and the war, but Hillary Clinton, like all Democrats and politicians in general, is homie cakes with banks  and has a history of supporting dictators.  She is part of the system, that’s TL:DR how I feel, sorry.


There are reasons other than Bernie Bros that she lost and democrats aren’t going to get votes from people who saw both candidates as steaming piles of crap.  I know life long Republicans who sat 2016 out, I know life long Democrats who voted for Donald Trump and I know loads more people who supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 presidential primary and it was their first time participating in the political process.  Democrats lost because they wanted to keep their exclusive club exclusive and still aren’t getting the point. Recently, they considered the idea of endorsing celebrities as politicians instead of creating policy that actually helps the people they claim to champion.  Hillary Clinton didn’t support LGBTQ rights until it was popular.  Same for Barack Obama.  Hillary Clinton’s main strategy towards people of color was to know the latest dance and carry hot sauce in her bag while making a conscious effort to not make criminal justice reform a major campaign platform.

So, Trump, well, more specifically the stale hateful cheesy poof’s supporters.  Trump’s main base is a community now colloquially referred to as Alt Right.  Alt Right differs specifically from traditional white supremacists groups because traditional white supremacist groups don’t typically vote and aren’t typically tech savvy.  Alt Right, however, is built specifically on political involvement.  Alt Right is already a political party in almost every sense and is organized.

Alt Right’s origins come from many places.  They can be found on 4Chan’s /pol/ board as well as forums like Return of Kings and genealogy websites.  Alt Right has also mobilized other white supremacist groups like Neo-Nazis and the KKK. Many Neo-Nazi cells have already branded themselves on The KKK because the KKK is seen as “friendlier” than Neo-Nazis to white people.  So here we have the beginnings of a political platform that was born out of the embers of the Republican party and remnants of pre-OP Chanology 4Chan, energized by the rhetoric of a profoundly irresponsible hateful man that is attracting members of two different white supremacist groups.  This is very bad. It doesn’t matter who would have one the 2016 American presidential election,   White nationalism stayed mainstream.  NPR has already given Alt Right the platform to talk about their desire for a white “Ethno-state”, which is basically racist white people talk about making the US apartheid again.

What would happen to St. Louis in Alt Right’s America?  

Given the cities long-running vibrant Jewish, Muslim and black communities, it can’t bode well.

People never think it will happen here.  Doesn’t matter where you are in the world.  Yugoslavia was united at the 1984 winter Olympics and descended into a blood bath five years later.  A good third of the population lived in multi-ethnic households.  The rise of ethnic nationalism in the Balkans was even preceded by protests against police brutality and discrimination in Kosovo in 1990.  Another key piece of information in how the collapse of the United States may play out is just plain geography and demographics.  For example, this is the breakup of Yugoslavia.


Notice how all those borders are twisty turny and full of enclaves and exclaves?  Now here’s a cultural map of the United States that came from an excellent book titled “American Nations” by historian and journalist Colin Woodard.  The data gathered to build this map not only maps out things like accent and lexicon but also long-running cultural divisions in the United States that usually plays as left vs right in the political arena.  In light of this, the lack of participation in the US political process and the collapse of both mainstream American political parties reveals how the American political system doesn’t accurately represent population how a representative democracy is supposed to function.    This breakdown in the function of a democracy and deliberate disenfranchisement of people of color and poor people is a recipe for disaster.  


Those who have been paying attention probably understand why this is such a big deal.  Those who know why St. Louis is in such a precarious position geographically get extra credit.  For everyone else, see where St Louis is on that map?   St. Louis is a major metropolitan area in a cultural enclave in a region still feeling the effects of slavery and the 1950’s era public housing disaster with tons of Muslims.  St. Louis metropolitan police department runs counter terrorism drills in South city.  South St. Louis is the epicenter of Muslim St. Louis, as well as near major latinx populations.  The American police state’s rage boner towards minorities is nothing new, but a president who openly calls for mass deportations galvanizes these radical populations is pretty common in law enforcement.  St Louis is not only back up against a cultural barrier and itself made of several political barriers, but it is also backed up against a geographic barrier, the Mississippi river.  Not to be a downer but, buckle up everyone.  This is going to get bumpy.  Hitler and Stalin had meager statistics and census data to work with compared to what we have today and used it to kill somewhere around a hundred million people.  Imagine the damage that could be done with what is publicly available today.

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