Democratic Legislatures in Maryland Propose Bill to Thwart Minimum Wage

Because of Fight for 15’s popularity, Business interests have pushed back in a more insidious fashion. Lawmakers do not want to be seen as anti-working class, instead of having to veto, or oppose a minimum wage, state legislatures have been introducing Living Wage Preemption Acts.  Living Wage Preemption Acts make it illegal for a city to set it’s own minimum wage that higher than that of the state.

Currently, 14 states have passed it.
On Januay 27, the state of Maryland sought to join this wall of shame when it’s legislatures introduced a bill that prevented local government’s from setting the minimum wage. What makes the Maryland case so insidious is that 

Maryland House and Maryland Senate have over 60% democratic membership.  

But sadly, the 3 Democraticsenators decided to cosponsor and introduce this legislation to preempt minimum wage.

Through Twitter, we were able to speak with Baltimore City Council Member Ryan Dorsey.  This is what he said, ” [It’s] really important the substance of 317 doesn’t get embedded as an amendment on another bill, too. [It] [w]ill be bad if it gets tacked on to sick leave or marginal wage increase bill, harder to fight.”



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