Is It Okay to Punch a Nazi?

In one word:  Yes.  In two words:  Fuck yes.

The greatest gif of all time. Until someone clotheslines Milo.

One thing fascists don’t understand is that leftists, particularly in St. Louis, Northern California and Chicago are ready for war, and let’s face it, Alt Right, by spreading intolerant rhetoric, has communicated that they aren’t out for peace, let alone a rational discussion. The fact that Alt Right nazis can calmly go on fucking NPR and call for apartheid is way more violent than a city that reacts to fascism with riots. Not to mention, It’s naive as fuck to expect Oakland or Berkeley to welcome Milo with open arms. My theory: Milo being the obnoxious fame whore he is, saw the attention Richard Spencer got after being punched and wanted to make the news

As much as alt right claims to hate CNN and mainstream media, they sure as fuck love to use them as a platform. Imagine if NPR interviewed Jihadi John or Ayman al-Zawahiri or if they were given a platform to speak at a US University?

We’re fucking doing that right now.

This is why we punch Nazis.

Free speech doesn’t protect people from consequences and Alt-Right isn’t even concerned with free speech in the first place. Will still be writing think pieces on ‘How it’s not okay to punch a nazi even if they deserve it’ once people start dying? The whole is it okay to punch a nazi is something literally ONLY white people are debating.

Democrats who will extend olive branches to Trump supporters while being openly hostile to people who supported Sanders is appalling and very telling on where their real feelings towards social justice and economic equality. Both older Democrats and Republicans have a huge issue with antisemitism, so this doesn’t surprise me. Racism and Islamophobia are just as big of a problem with democrats as republicans. Democrats just tend to be more “polite”. Everyone remembers the Agrabah embarrassment, where researchers polled both Democrats and Republicans on whether or not we should bomb a fictional country, around 25-30 percent of both said we should. This is scary bad. The mere idea that a large portion of the United States is perfectly fine with bombing a country based on its name and perceived location.

Don’t let the smiles fool you. We need to prepare for weaponized magic carpets.

Most democrats treat marginalized communities with condescending pity, rather than seeing how a policy that the Democratic and Republican party exploits these people. It reminds me of out of town white hipsters who came to Ferguson for riot porn pictures and then refused to interact with the community. Seriously, white people would come to Ferguson and tell people that they should have voted for Democrats and Darren Wilson would be in jail. Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that McCullough, the prosecutor who let Darren Wilson get away with murder was a democrat. Former Missouri governor Jay Nixon openly agreed with the use of tear gas and area denial weapons and was also a Democrat.

Many people, rightfully so are getting the impression that democrats would rather play ball with Alt Right than support leftists. Until of course, leftists and other associated groups overthrow fascism. Then we’ll get loads of think pieces about what heroes leftists were. The irony in this is not lost on me. Also, if anyone thinks that we should “wait and see” in regards to Donald Trump’s insane counter-terrorism plan, you are stupid. Alt Right and ISIS need each other in order to exist. ISIS uses Alt-Right to grow and same for the other. Two arms of the same beast.

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