Off-Duty LAPD Drags a 13 year old Into His Property and Shoots him

In Anaheim, California, an off-duty Los Angeles police officer, in front of his residency in Anaheim California, pulled a 13-year-old kid from the sidewalk onto his property. The child’s friends were also trying to prevent the P.O from pulling the child into his property.
In many states a person may shoot a trespasser legally. It is believed that the P.O was trying to justify his next action. Upon pulling the child onto his property, the P.O brandished his gun and attempted to shoot the child.

Luckily, despite having shots fired, the child was uninjured and also alive. The child had bruises on this neck.  His father has explained that he will be seeking legal action against the officer.

It is unclear why, but the kid was arrested along with another juvenile who is 15-years old. But both the juveniles have been sent home aftet the prosecutor declined to charge him. Their identies have not been released for privacy reasons.

The police officer hasn’t been arrested. He has been placed on adminstratice leave “pending investigation”


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