Private Prison Stock Increases 2.5 times since Election Day

On October, 20 2016, Corrections Corporation of America, the nation’s largest private prison company, issued a press release rebranding their company as CoreCivic.  One alarming statistic is that since Election day, the stock for Core Civic has doubled.  It used to be at around $14.00, but now it is at $34.00.

Core Civic’s stock has increased 2.5 times since Election day.

CoreCivic’s CEO Mr. Hininger admitted in a recent call with it’s investors that they are benefitting from Mr. Trump’s immigration policy.  They said:

In a February 9 call with analysts to discuss CoreCivic’s latest earnings, Hininger credited the company’s fourth-quarter growth largely to what he called ICE’s “heightened utilization” of its services in Southwestern states. He also specifically cited Mr. Trump’s immigration policy, saying it will drive demand for the company’s detention facilities. CoreCivic Investor Call, 2010

The CEO continued to elaborate:

When coupled with the above-average rate of crossings along the Southwest border, these executive orders appear likely to significantly increase the need for safe, humane and appropriate detention bed capacity that we have available in our existing real estate portfolio, as well as an increased demand for our detention facility design, development and facility maintenance expertiseHininger, CEO of Core Civic

Another interesting note: Corrections Corporation of America or CoreCivic has spend nearly $2 million on Republican Candidates and $1 million on Democratic Candidates.

The Question you must ask your self is:  Is this executive order on immigrations to keep the country safe? Or is it to give their donors a return on Investment?

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