The Epstein Connection

Hold on, everyone.  This is insane and there’s a lot to unpack here, but the State Departments been fucking up and probably will continue to fuck up in even more horriyfying ways under Donald Trump. First, sex trafficking is one of the most prevalent forms of slavery in the world and it is not beyond the pale that governments and politicians get involved, and of course, it’s a big business.  The child sex trade runs deep and missionaries are often used as a front to run prostitution rings.  This brings me to Laura Silsby.  Laura Silsby is an American Baptist missionary who founded The New Life Children’s Refuge in 2009.  The NLCR is an organization that was created with the goal of humanitarian work outside the United States.  in 2010  Silsby attempted to traffic 33 children across the Haitian border in 2010 and was later arrested along with ten other missionaries.   Silsby claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but the Dominican authorities have denied the existence of any paperwork or evidence of this and many of the children weren’t orphans.  This brings us to the next important part, and one of the biggest elephants in the 2016 election room:  Both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump both had a friendship with Jeffery Epstein.  For those of you who don’t  know, Jeffery Epstein is a billionaire financier who was charged with pedophilia in 2008 and accused by many people of torture and rape.  It’s been reported by The Washington Post, The Daily Beast and even For News that Epstein flew both Clinton and Trump to his private island where he has also been accused of forcing girls as young as fourteen to participate in orgies.    It’s not known how long this has gone on for, and due to the nature of sex trafficking, it is likely that we will never know how many of Epstein’s victims there are. The FBI didn’t investigate human trafficking until the late 90’s.  This was typically done by state and local law enforcement agencies.  Congress passed TVPA in 2000, which made tracking human trafficking rings the State Department’s responsibility.  This bill passed with a pretty much everyone in government voting for it.  Why did it take the US government 8 years to get a law like this passed?  The answer is becoming obvious.

A month after the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, A US State Department cable originating in Argentina detailing updates on Silsby and ten other missionaries being held in Haiti accused of human trafficking.  The same day, Hillary Clinton would be landing in Haiti to visit the country still reeling from natural disaster.   Five days later, on the 17th,  a member of Hillary Clinton’s staff name Cheryl Mills sent an email detailing possible ways Silsby could leave Haiti without charges in an email titled  “Statement for *after* flight goes wheels up”.   Another email from Mills discusses Silsby and someone they refer to as Silsby’s “confidante” Charisa  Cheryl having been in Haiti before the 2010 earthquake happened.  Mills is known for defending Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial in 2001.  Another  Conversation about Silsby among state department staff turned into a conversation about her legal advisor at the time, Jorge Puello.  Puello was charged for sex trafficking minors shortly after Silsby and is currently incarcerated and yet another email from Huma Abidin to Secretary Clinton discussing how they knew that Silsby broke the law.]   This is an odd discussion for Abedin, Clinton, and Mills to have.  Frantically shooting off emails about  Proclaiming the innocence of a woman who was caught smuggling 33 children, many of whom weren’t even orphans into the Dominican Republic seems a little at odds with what the State Department is supposed to do when it comes to people accused of human trafficking.  There is no discussion of human trafficking and prosecution on US soil, only discussion of how best to prove Silsby’s innocence. Hillary Clinton has had a very long running interest in The New Life Children’s Refuge and Laura Silsby as early as 2001 before the NLCR officially existed.  This is a strange connection to have.  Of the many emails leaked during the 2016 presidential election, this is one of those deep cuts that expose how widespread corruption affects how the US government is supposed to function. 

The whole purpose of putting the state department in charge of catching sex traffickers is to get to results.   Here we have evidence of Hillary Clinton acting as secretary of state and her staff actively trying to cover up and free people who have been convicted by the Haitian Government of human trafficking.  Who is Laura Silsby and why were Hillary Clinton and her staff so hell bent on proving her innocence through back channels?  This relationship is troubling because it outlines how politicians believe they are above the law.  This situation with Clinton and Silsby doesn’t look good, no matter how you spin it.  Silsby herself is connected to someone who is currently incarcerated for sex trafficking, and The State Department knowingly aiding a woman who is accused of the same.   This kind of coordinated back door action undermines the whole point of the state departments role in combating human sex trade and child slavery and it should undermine out trust in the State Departments ability to do so.   This relationship with Laura Silsby and Clinton’s State Department shouldn’t be surprising considering Mr. Clinton’s relationship with Jeffery Epstein, just as it shouldn’t be surprising that Anthony Weiner got away with preying on a teenage girl.   It is shocking as a whole that Bill Clinton and Donald Trump’s rides on Mr. Epstein’s plane wasn’t brought up during any presidential debate to either presidential candidate. Wouldn’t this be an important point to bring up to the American people, and by extension, the world?  The United States cannot continue to be a country that wields power on the world stage if it’s officials are going to abuse power globally and on such broad levels. I wonder what the State Department under Clinton’s watch was up to regarding Jeffery Epstein?  What is the Trump administration doing in regards to human trafficking?  Why would these to “bitter rivals” not bring this up? Political theater is designed to distract citizens from the real corruption and incompetence of their governments, regardless of political party.  

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